*The Alcatraz Rose


Mystery author's rose garden blossoms... Roses take root as the major theme in mystery-writer Anthony Eglin's books and in his home garden.  Photo by [...]

*The Alcatraz Rose2016-03-12T08:22:17-08:00

Gülhane Park


 Istanbul's leafy oasis ... In autumn, leaves fluttering down from sky-high plane trees keep garden workers busy clearing ponds of their clutter. I [...]

Gülhane Park2018-12-16T09:51:03-08:00

Invoking Jane Austen


Bath was awash in Jane Austen character lookalikes, hundreds of Mr. Darcys and Mrs. Bennets filled the sidewalks of this patrician small city in homage [...]

Invoking Jane Austen2014-04-29T14:15:40-08:00
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