North America

Western Hills Garden


CALIFORNIA  Sonoma County-  In the hills above the picturesque hamlet of Occidental lies a garden renowned for its diverse array of unusual plants.  Paths, simple [...]

Western Hills Garden2022-10-19T09:28:39-07:00

The Alcatraz Rose


Mystery author's rose garden blossoms... Roses take root as the major theme in mystery-writer Anthony Eglin's books and in his home garden.  Photos by [...]

The Alcatraz Rose2021-03-02T12:51:51-08:00

The Butchart Gardens


BRITISH COLUMBIA Victoria - Tulips, tulips and more tulips were the undisputed stars of The Butchart Gardens this mid-April day. Tulips edged beds, outlined paths, [...]

The Butchart Gardens2020-03-27T12:33:11-07:00
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